FAMILY and friends can finally attend the funerals of their loved ones after Covid restrictions were relaxed on April 12.

Boris Johnson confirmed at the beginning of April that the easing lockdown rules would go ahead as planned as coronavirus hospitalisations and cases remain manageable.

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How many people are currently allowed to attend a funeral?

The rules were relaxed on April 12 to allow 30 people to attend funeral services and for wakes up to 15 people.

In the third stage of lockdown easing, from May 17, the number of people allowed at wakes will increase to 30 people with the same number still allowed at funeral services.

From June 21, Boris Johnson hopes to release all restrictions on social gatherings, meaning an unlimited number of people will be able to attend funerals.

What are the current Covid rules on gatherings?

Brits can leave their home to socialise outdoors in groups of up to six people or one other household.

You can also play outdoor sport with others and meet in private gardens.

You should not meet other people you do not live with indoors, and you must remain two metres apart from anyone not in your household.

Do funeral directors need to wear PPE?

Those handling bodies should be aware that there is likely to be a continuing risk of infection from body fluids and tissues where coronavirus infection is suspected or confirmed.

While the risk of infectious transmission is lower than for living patients, action should be taken to mitigate that risk.

Are burials being live-streamed for family and friends who can't attend?

According to The Church of England's guidance for clergy when it comes to funeral services, family and friends of the deceased who cannot attend funerals should be engaged either by telephone or online.

The Church of England has released guidance in order to ensure funeral services can go ahead in a safe manner.

In the guidance, it is suggested that funerals can be live-streamed from the graveside to loved ones who are not able to attend.

The Church of England encouraged people to get creative with streaming services.

Other institutions are encouraging the use of live streams at funerals as it limits the number of people who attend funerals.

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