Now THAT’s crazy golf: Moment 15ft crocodile strolls across fairway in front of golfers’ buggy in Mexico

  • Huge crocodile was spotted by group of US tourists on golf course in Cancun
  • Friends of the foursome were shocked after seeing their videos on social media
  • Crocodiles far more aggressive than alligators, which are more common in US

This is the jaw-dropping moment a 15ft crocodile was filmed strolling across a golf course in Mexico. 

In footage shared online by holidaymakers, the huge beast can be seen walking calmly past a putting hole on the fairway in Carr a Punta Sam. 

The nerve-wrecking video was taken at the Dreams golf course in Cancun. 

In the clip, US tourists Stacie and Ryan Muller are filming the animal while driving in their golf buggy.  

Can’t believe we saw this on the ⛳️ yesterday 😳🐊

Ryan can be heard telling Stacie to ‘zoom in’ before asking if she is videoing the memorable moment.

Stacie can then be heard saying: ‘Go, go, go!’ as they get uncomfortably close to the crocodile. 

The couple were golfing with friends Alli and Barrett Hartman, from Arizona, when the four encountered the creature on July 5. 

Friends of the foursome were left shocked after seeing their videos on social media. 

One wrote: ‘Wow that’s awesome and OML IT’S GINORMOUS!’

The croc was filmed strolling across the Dreams golf course in Cancun, Mexico on July 5

Another said: ‘I thought I lived in a country with deadly deadly animals, but never ever have I seen something like that.’ 

One joked: ‘What? He’s just going to work…hasn’t even had his coffee yet’, while another jibed: ‘Let him play through!’ 

It comes after a mammoth alligator spotted in Florida last year sent social media into a frenzy – with many claiming it was fake due to its size. 

Crocodiles are often regarded as far more aggressive than alligators.

The latter are not as big and only attack when provoked, while seeking out prey which are smaller than them. 

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