Model locked up ‘like an animal’ in jail cell as £1m of heroin found in luggage

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    A Czech model has shared her story in a series of 'no holds barred' videos, detailing her imprisonment in Pakistan for trying to smuggle £1million of heroin to Ireland via Dubai.

    Tereza Hluskova has was seized by custom officials at Lahore's AIIama IqbaI International airport in January 2018 in possession of 8.5kg of heroin.

    At just age 22, Hluskova reported that she went to Pakistan to work as a model, where the narcotics were placed in her suitcase, against her knowledge.

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    In 2019, the model was sentenced to eight years and eight months in prison, but was released in 2022 after a series of appeals.

    She spoke of hell in prison and how she thought she would be killed inside.

    Hluskova has since released four videos explaining how she ended up in Pakistan, and describing the "horrors she went through, reports Mail Online.

    After she dropped out of school in her home town of Uherské Hradiště, she was offfered a job as an escort whilst working in a café there.

    Flown to Belgium, Hluskova said a woman called Sara took her "under the wing… to check whether I was suitable for the job."

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    "She told me to go and have sex with her husband to check if I'm worth it or not. And so I did what I had to do," recalls the now-27-year-old.

    "A prostitute doesn't enjoy sex, because in order to survive, she has to switch to robot mode and work."

    Hluskova said that to 'cope' with the sex work, she abused drugs and alcohol fed to her by Sara, in order to 'release her inhibitions and fear'.

    "I felt almost nothing at all. Maybe the problem was that I drank a lot," she added.

    The next day, she was taken to a Belgian bar to meet further clients as an escort.

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    Hluskova recalled: "I had a meeting there with a man named Ludo, all I knew was that he had red glasses and a moustache.

    "When I reached for the doorknob, I thought I was going to throw up or run away. But I said no. I was already in it so I entered."

    Later, after a brutal beating from a Turkish client who tried to suffocate her after sex, Hluskova confided in her pimp, reporting: "I told the guys how he treated me, and then they gave him hell."

    The Czech woman was then sent to the UK to do erotic photo modelling and get a VISA, before flying to Pakistan.

    Upon arrival in Manchester, the man from Pakistan arranging her visa said she'd be travelling to her final destination via France.

    When she finally arrived in Pakistan, it was not what she expected.

    She moved into a house that had no electricity with her 'keeper': "It was a disaster. Dirt everywhere on the ground, not even sidewalks, but scattered dirt," Hluskova recalled.

    They took her to a "kind of field where there was only dirt" for the photoshoot, and despite waiting two months, the photos never appeared online.

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    After she was finally allowed to return home, Hluskova was arrested at the airport after customs found the smuggled drugs in her luggage.

    In a video released online, a Pakistani customs official is shown discovering the drugs hidden in the suitcase while Hluskova breaks down into tears.

    She was convinced the police were "going to kill her" and described how she was locked up had to deal with sweltering summers.

    Hluskova said: "No family, locked up like animals, humiliation. And I try to shake such thoughts out of my head right away, but sometimes it doesn't go away right away.

    The Czech woman is rebuilding her life, and now works as a waitress.

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