THIS is the moment a bleeding Maryland sailor pleads for help after a medic shot two people before himself being gunned down.

Police say US Navy medic Fantahun Woldesenbet, 38, shot two sailors with a rifle in Frederick, Maryland, on Tuesday morning.

Footage shows a wounded sailor who was shot near the Fort Detrick Army base entering a business and pleading for help while covered in blood.

In the video obtained by FOX 5 DC, one of the shooting victims is seen stumbling into a construction business called Nicolock Paving Stones.

He appears to have blood running down his back. 

The victim points out the window and walks over to employees at a desk, who jump up and run to shut their doors.

Both people shot were airlifted to a hospital in Baltimore, where one remains in critical condition and the other is expected to be released Wednesday.  

The shooter reportedly opened fire on people as they tried to escape, sources told ABC7.

When officers arrived at the scene at 8.20am, they found two male victims with gunshot wounds.


Police Chief Jason Lando confirmed that the shooter went into a business at Riverside Tech Park, causing people inside to flee.

It was later confirmed that the the shooting took place inside of a military institution that was tied to the Navy.

The gunman then got into his car and drove 10 minutes away to United States Army Future Command installation Fort Detrick, where he arrived at roughly 8.45am.

Fort Detrick General Tulley said that the subject was stopped at the gate but "sped past the gate and made it about half a mile" before he could be searched.

"They were able to stop him in a parking lot he then brandished a weapon and our police department was able to neutralize the subject," Tulley added.

The military base was quickly put on lockdown. The all clear was sounded just after 10am local time.

Frederick police confirmed that personnel at the base shot the suspect and he was "down" and despite performing life-saving efforts for 20 minutes, he was pronounced dead at the scene.

The base's official Twitter page confirmed that Fort Detrick police "neutralized" the shooter.

Schools were put on lockdown while the alleged shooter was at large.

Frederick Community College issued a statement on Twitter asking everyone to "please follow the lockdown alert", adding "this is not a drill".

An ABC7 reporter was told that the case included three crime scenes – one in Frederick City, one in Frederick Country and one on the US Military ground.

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan was briefed on the situation, his communications director confirmed.

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