My 6ft dog is so big people think he's a LION and cross the street to get away – feeding him costs an arm and a leg | The Sun

A DOG-LOVER says his pet is so big that people mistake it for a lion and sheepishly cross the road when the pair go for walkies.

The 6ft Central Asian Shepherd named Kenzo was adopted by East Londoner Jamal Miah after his friend had to give him away due to his sheer size.

When on his hind legs, the three-year-old hound stands at 6ft and weighs in at 187lb – it also costs an arm and a leg to feed him.

Despite his imposing stature, it was love at first sight for the two males who formed an "inseparable bond".

Jamal said: "We saw him and said 'oh my god'

"He's so big and he's just a puppy.


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"We have a really good bond together."

Pictures showed the blossoming relationship between the two as Kenzo adapted to city-life.

As he jumped up to hug his new owner, Kenzo's frame towered over Jamal's body.

The huge shepherd was also seen dragging the man down the road with a big smile on his face.

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The two best friends also enjoyed a bit of time in the "man cave" where they hung out, watched movies and played pool together.

But the friendship came at a cost.

The big dog eats five pounds of raw meat a day, which Jamal estimated it cost him about £1,200 a year.

Kenzo also made a few pedestrians uneasy, who often avoided walking past him due to his "scary" appearance.

Jamal said: "It's 50/50.

"Some people are scared and cross the street when they see him and others just want to stroke and pat him."

"People will question me and ask 'what is this dog'

"Or they'll say 'what is that' and 'is that a pony' or 'is it a lion'."

However, the humongous dog of Asian origins now calls East London home and has become part of the Miah family.

But the house had to be fool-proofed with iron gates so Kenzo wouldn't bowl over the back fence when he got excited.

Jamal said: "My daughters were scared of him initially because of his size.

"But after a few walks they got used to him.

"He knows they're my daughters, so he's their natural protector now."

The dog-lover claimed he spent about £10,000 caring for the pooch including food, training and general maintenance.

He also had to hire a professional dog trainer to condition Kenzo to be able to live indoors.

Jamal said: "A central Asian shepherd is not a dog for the beginner dog owner.

"They are naturally outdoor dogs and they're meant to be outside.

"I wanted him to be a friendly family dog and to break the stigma around big dogs like him."

Despite his overwhelming size, Jamal said Kenzo was quite popular with other dogs in the neighbourhood.

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