PHILLIP Adams suffered concussions in the NFL before allegedly killing five as his dad said "football messed him up."

Former NFL defensive back Phillip Adams, who previously played for the 49ers, shot himself after reportedly gunning down Dr Robert Lesslie, his wife and two grandkids, police sources say.

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His dad, Alonzo Adams, told WCNC "he's a good kid, I think the football messed him up."

"I don't think he ever did anybody any harm," he added, before saying that the doctor used to treat him "a long time ago."

Before allegedly committing the horrific crimes today, Phillips had suffered multiple injuries while playing for the NFL – including concussions.

A source, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he wasn’t authorized to speak publicly, said Adams’ parents live near the doctor’s home in Rock Hill, and that he had been treated by the doctor.

The York County coroner’s office said Lesslie, 70, and his wife, Barbara Lesslie, 69, were pronounced dead at the scene along with grandchildren Adah Lesslie, 9, and Noah Lesslie, 5.

A fifth victim, James Lewis, 38, from Gaston, was found dead outside. Authorities said he had been working at the home when he was shot.

The source also said Phillips killed himself after midnight with a .45 caliber weapon.

York County Sheriff’s Office’s spokesperson Trent Faris said deputies were called around 4:45 p.m. Wednesday to the Lesslies’ home, and spent hours searching for the suspect before finding him in a nearby home.

“We have found the person we believe is responsible and we are with him at this time and that’s all I can say about the suspect.”

The investigation is ongoing, he said.

“Dr. Lesslie was my doctor growing up,” Faris said. “Dr. Lesslie has been one of those people that everybody knows. He started Riverview Medical Center in Rock Hill and it’s been a staple in Rock Hill for years.”

Dr Robert Lesslie was well known in the Rock Hill, South Carolina area for emergency medicine and ER work.

Adams, 33, played for multiple teams including the Seattle Seahawks and the Atlanta Falcons after starring at South Carolina State.

A biography page of Dr. Lesslie said he and his wife of 35 years raised four children.

Dr. Robert Lesslie has been practicing in Rock Hill since 1981, according to the Riverview website.

He received his degree at the Medical University of South Carolina and has worked in the surrounding Rock Hill area and Charlotte, North Carolina.

A note was published onto the doctor's Facebook page following the news of his death, providing "words that he recently wrote" before he "passed into glory."

"One day, when I depart this body and find myself in the presence of the Lord, my time, however it will be measured, will be filled with the praises and the wonder of Jesus," the note began.

"I know that I will once again be able to hug my mother and walk and talk with my father. There are a lot of people I want to see as well—family and friends, grandparents, some of whom I never met on this side."

The chilling note went on to mention walking with his wife, who died alongside him yesterday, in heaven.

"We have no idea what Heaven will look like, only that it will be perfect," he wrote.

"And because of that I know that one day, when I’ve experienced the presence and joy of that surrounding host of saints, I will find myself walking with Barbara in a field of lush, green grass, surrounded by gently rising conifer-cloaked hills."

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