Terrifying video shows blood fill the water after vicious shark attack off the US coast | The Sun

A GREAT white shark was spotted attacking a dolphin to its death on a popular state beach over the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

Beach attendees witnessed the full attack and the nine-and-half-foot-long dolphin washed ashore shortly after at Torrey Pines State Beach in San Diego, California.

The shark involved was reportedly a juvenile and the attack was caught on video by nearby beachgoers, per NBC affiliate KNSD in San Diego.

The video shows the shark continuously taking hits at the dolphin as it is seen struggling with bite marks out of its side, KNSD reported.

The dolphin eventually is seen motionless in the video, and the shark seems to swim away.

Minutes later, the dolphin washed ashore and was dead, witnesses who took the video said.

The close-up of the washed-up dolphin shows it with massive bloody chunks missing from its side.

The month of June is when the mating season for sharks officially begins in the San Diego area and officials warn there may be more similar occurrences starting this week, KNSD said.

When these sightings started to rise last year, state lifeguards started to post warning signs in the area, it added. 

Sharks typically breed between May and July and their pups are born about a year later around September to October.

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The shark sperm is kept inside the female shark until ovulation is ready, per Bali Sharks.

The white sharks tend to be more active and aggressive than usual and the behavior serves to ensure that the species continues to thrive, it added.

Most shark attacks occur in August and September and usually have been reported between 7am and 6pm.

Although scientists concluded they need a better understanding of what exactly the great white shark's mating habits are besides getting aggressive around spring and summer, per Bali Sharks.

In other aquatic animal news, humpback whales proved to have an interesting self-care tactic in a new discovery from a study that tagged them.

A study by Griffith University, located in South East Queensland, Australia, observed the humpback whales in their natural habitat and found they use a rocky bay area to roll around in the sand and remove dead skill cells for a “spa day fix.”

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