Russian soldier says they are 'rotting in the ground' in intercepted call

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The Russian soldier claimed that Russian soldiers were rotting on the ground in Ukraine. And explained to his relative that they were soaking wet and cold. The Russian soldier told his relative that most Russian soldiers were looking for ways to escape the wat. And that the men did not want to fight as everyone has had enough.

The relative said: “Hello we started getting worried! Where are you How are you?”

The Russian soldier said: “Bad, we’re rotting on the ground!”

The relative added: “Right, nowhere to dry?”

The Russian servicemen said: “Not at all we’re all soaked.”

The relative added: “Maybe you need to burn fires.”

The Russian soldier said: “What fires at a war? What are you on about? We had a fire today, and the mortar immediately created.”

The relative asked: “And no aid comes? Dry clothes?”

The soldier said: “No, nothing at all.”

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The relative added: “How many of you are there?”

The Russian soldier said: “About 30 people, they bring food only if they want. It’s bullsh*t, mutiny is emerging and they want to…”

The relative said: “So basically half hungry and half cold? or completely cold?”

The soldier said: “Yes, yes bullsh*t.”

The relative asked: “Ok tell me, where are you?”

The Russian soldier said: “No one knows that, all the military police departments are full people are leaving then brought back.

“some in their units others in others, anyway no one wants to fight everyone has had enough.”

The relative added: “Of course, because it’s not done properly.”

The Russian soldier said: “Yes, everyone is looking for ways to get out of here.”

The relative added: “Of course honey, I was thinking about it, that hopefully you’ll be sent home soon.”

The soldier said: “That’s not clear if we will be sent at all.”

The relative added: “Vital, the only thing you put effort into it.”

The soldier added: “Obviously.”

The relative said: “Try finding an exit in any way, because ours won’t come, won’t save. Do anything! I don’t know, dig a dugout and sit there.” 

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Ukraine ready to trigger Russian 'military collapse'

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been upping the ante, during his ongoing invasion of Ukraine. 

Putin has called for 300,000 new conscripts to join the battle in neighbouring Ukraine. And has been training Russian men in order to send them to the frontlines of battle.

There have been ongoing reports from Russian soldiers who are suffering from a lack of morale, despite Putin’s plans to keep pushing forward.

Some Russian troops have complained about receiving inadequate military equipment, whilst deployed in Ukraine.

Ukrainian MP Volodymyr Ariev has claimed that Russian troops are not motivated.

Mr Ariev told exclusively: “Well, this is a war which will exhaust both sides.

“And for me, I see that Ukraine will be, step by step, liberating occupied territories, so, I think that this will be going on in a few months’ time.

“And you know that Putin is now trying to mobilise people in Russia but it is also a step-by-step proposal because people are not inspired to go to war against Ukraine.

“They can watch it on TV sitting on a comfortable sofa but not take part in it.

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