YOUTUBER and artist Shadman is thought to have been charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

The controversial figure has become notorious online due to his pornographic art and webcomics.

Who is Shadman?

Shadman is thought to be Shaddai Prejean, 31.

Very little is known about the character but he is said to be a Swiss who later moved to the US.

He has always been photographed online wearing a mask or face covering.

He has built up a reputation for his illustrations of loli and characters like Elastigirl.

Loli is a form of Japanese manga or anime that is sexually explicit and uses cartoon characters which are underage.

Shadman launched his website Shadbase in 2009 and started his YouTube channel the following year.

Over the years he has become a highly controversial figure due to his artwork.

He announced in 2019 he was going to stop drawing loli and pornographic art due to the controversy it was receiving.

Shadman is said to have been born in Zurich, Switzerland, according to the podcast Sleepy Cabin.

He attended art school but is said to have been kicked out after it was discovered the work in his portfolio was “highly illegal”.

Shadman is then said to have worked as a freelance artist before launching his own website.

He is said to have been dubbed “a threat to society” in Switzerland which led him to move to the US.

According to website Technotrenz, Shadman has built a dubious reputation for his loli drawings and pornographic images.

He is said to have created 34 artworks that feature his own mother.

While critics have slammed his art others have defended him, claiming the pictures are meant to be intentionally tasteless.

Why has Shadman been arrested?

A Twitter user under the name of Kiwi Farms has claimed Shadman has been arrested in Los Angeles, although this has not been officially confirmed.

The user wrote: Shаdmаn wаs аrrested in L.A. for Assаult with а Deаdly Weаpon,” adding, “Goodbye, bye-bye, bye-bye, bye.”

The poster also posted documents appearing to show Shadman had been arrested.

Website also posted details of a case against a Shaddai Prejean filed at Glendale Courthouse in LA.

However, the police or official records haven’t disclosed details about the alleged attack.

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