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Five ways to use coffee in your beauty routine at home

Did you know that you can enjoy a dose of your morning coffee in more than one way? If you want to create an ‘Espresso make-up’ look, which has been trending on social media this summer, with looks using rich deep browns and golden caramel drizzle shades, why not start with the real thing? There […]

'Mouse fever outbreak' is 'mowing down frontline Russian troops'

‘Mouse fever outbreak’ is ‘mowing down frontline Russian troops, with symptoms ranging from vomiting to bleeding eyes’ Ukraine’s Main Intelligence Directorate (HUR) reported on the outbreak It said Russian soldiers have come down with the disease ‘en mass’  An outbreak of ‘mouse fever’ is ‘mowing down Russia’s frontline troops’, Ukraine has claimed, with symptoms ranging […]

Women and children are trafficked to shoplift for gangs, experts warn

Vulnerable women and children are being trafficked to the UK to shoplift for Eastern European gangs, retail experts warn  Retail bosses claim shoplifting is costing stores £1billion a year in the UK  Hundreds of vulnerable women and children are being trafficked to Britain to shoplift for Eastern European criminal gangs, retail experts have warned. More […]