'Unapproachable makeup' is Gen Z's solution for avoiding unwanted attention

It’s 2023 and women are still trying to find ways to be left well alone. Sigh.

But if a pair of headphones and a blank expression isn’t working, there’s a new TikTok solution that might help.

‘Unapproachable makeup’, which has more than 60 million views on TikTok, sees women waving goodbye to soft glam looks, opting instead for bold lips, dark eyes and all of the glamour.

Why? Because it scares men off, obvi.

‘There’s nothing I love more than pissing men off, and nothing pisses men off more than looking so good they’re too scared to approach you,’ said TikToker Megi Hebeja before applying eyebrow gel, a ‘generous amount’ of blush and highlighter, a light brown smokey eye with a wing, black eyeliner and a glossy lip. 

My ‘unapproachable’ makeup look✨ For when you dont have pepper spray🫶🏼 #makeup #makeuptutorial #grwm #unapproachablemakeup

Essentially, the unapproachable makeup trend is about looking so hot that men won’t want to approach you — but cute enough that all the gals will compliment your artistry. 

The crux of the look is black winged eyeliner, with many opting to take their wing all the way into the middle corner, creating a serious smoulder (or, to the untrained eye, a serious RBF). 

Don’t forget to line your waterline if you’re really in your villain era right now.

While some are opting for a little more colour, the majority of looks feature a grey and black smokey eye that looks like it walked straight off a 90s catwalk and a heavy dose of glitter. 

If u wanna be intimidating #darkhila

Lips are also a vital component of the look. From bold reds and contrasting liners to super glossy, your lips need to stand out if you want to embrace that unapproachable vibe. 

Finally, you want lots and lots of blush. This look is a ball to the wall full beat, so don’t be shy!

From the crying makeup trend to the unapproachable baddie, it’s clear that Gen Z has reclaimed makeup for themselves, and we’re here for it.

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