I Hereby Dub Yara Shahidi the Queen of Tiny Hidden Tattoos

I Hereby Dub Yara Shahidi the Queen of Tiny Hidden Tattoos

There are tiny tattoos, and then there are Yara Shahidi-level tiny tattoos. If you love delicate ink that’s barely visible to the naked eye, then the actor’s collection will be of what your dreams are made of.

Shahidi is always one of the first people we look to when we’re in need of some extra beauty inspiration, but she also doubles as a minimal tattoo inspiration board. Her current collection features three discreet designs that are smaller than a dime and artfully hidden on her arms and ankle.

She got her first one in 2019, followed by two more in 2020, and each one holds a special meaning to her. She disclosed in a segment of “73 Questions” with Vogue that Frank Ocean is the reason she has tattoos, but her designs are all inspired by different things. “In “Chanel” he says “hide my tattoos in Shibuya,” and I heard that, I was 16, hadn’t had tattoos yet, and so when I got tattoos I was like ‘when I go to Shibuya, now I have something to hide,'” she said.

To see Shahidi’s tattoos for yourself and learn what each one means, keep scrolling.

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