For singer and actress Katharine McPhee Foster, being a mom is her most joyous role. “I cherish it all—even when the baby wakes me up at night!” Though her priorities have shifted, self-care is important. “I try to enjoy life, reduce stress, and stay mentally healthy.” For self-care, Katharine takes baths, pampers her skin, eats healthy, and exercises. “I appreciate what my body has done, and I love how I feel in my skin.”

To keep her skin smooth, Katharine enjoys waxing at European Wax Center. “Waxing makes me feel fresh, and gives me pep in my step.” Find out her favorite European Wax Center services, and see what makes Katharine feel her absolute best.

Working Up a Sweat

Katharine stays active by practicing yoga, swimming, and taking long walks. “I get a great workout from yoga, and I love the added benefit of being able to focus on breathing, quieting my mind, and meditating.”

This Recipe For Energy

As a new mom, staying healthy is more important than ever. “I love hard-boiled eggs, salad, cheese, and roasted veggies, and most days I make a delicious flaxseed smoothie with almond butter, collagen powder, chia seeds, bananas, and berries.”

A Head-to-Toe Massage

Katharine enjoys using skincare products to maintain her glow. “I love massaging oils into my skin. The massage stimulates collagen and blood flow, and the oil feels and smells amazing on my skin.”

A Smooth Wax Session

There’s no better way to prep for summer than by waxing. For Katharine, enjoying wax services at European Wax Center is an essential and convenient part of her summer self-care routine. “I feel more confident when my skin feels smooth, silky, and fresh. And I’m always ready to hit the beach or sit by a pool instead of needing to use a razor at the last minute.”

Katharine’s favorite summer European Wax Center services are bikini and underarm waxing. “I love that my skin looks and feels smooth after waxing, but even more importantly, it makes me feel great. And to be honest, waxing at European Wax Center doesn’t hurt a bit— even on my bikini area.”

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