There’s only one real reason people watch any of Bravo’s “Real Housewives” shows: the drama. From Orange County to Atlanta, the women always bring their A-game when it comes to starting it, exaggerating it, and sometimes, eventually squashing any drama come reunion time. “Sometimes” being the keyword, of course. 

There are so many moments across franchises of the women taking it way too far, whether it’s Kelly Bensimon’s iconic “RHONY” Scary Island breakdown or Danielle Staub pulling Margaret Joseph’s hair on “RHONJ. And let’s not forget the West coast Housewives, like Kyle and Kim Richards coming to blows in a limo on Season 1 of “RHOBH” or Vicki Gunvalson’s endless shrieking on “RHOC.” If anything, these women know how to make good television, and fans are usually divided on where they come down on some of the most notorious feuds and fights. 

Thanks to a Nicki Swift survey of 583 Bravo diehards, we now know which moment fans really think crossed the line. And the responses are somewhat surprising! Keep reading to find out which “Real Housewives” scene fans think “went too far.” 

These are the most shocking moments people had to vote on

Let’s be honest: It’s hard to choose just one moment from the “Real Housewives” that went too far, and surprisingly, Scary Island doesn’t even make the list. According to our survey, only 9% of respondents feel like the eviction of the Curtain family on “RHOC” crossed a line. While it was definitely dramatic, compared to some of the other moments in the poll, it makes sense that this ranked farther down the list. Coming in at number four is Joe Gorga and Joe Giudice’s brawl on “RHONJ,” with just over 15% of respondents saying it stuck with them as out of control. Next up? Theresa Giudice’s table flip still haunts 23% of the respondents, and 24.53% think that Brook Ayers’s cancer scam on “RHOC” was just too much. 

All of these are iconic, jaw-dropping moments. But the one that 27% of people think went absolutely too far? Aviva Drescher taking off her prosthetic leg during a fight with Heather Thompson at a restaurant and proceeding to chuck it across the room. While it might be hard to choose a moment, Aviva certainly does take the cake for being both aggressive and shocking (just watch the people in the background in the Bravo clip). 

But it turns out, she had a reasonable explanation for her actions. Keep reading to learn why Aviva threw her prosthetic leg on “RHONY.”

This is why Aviva threw her leg on "RHONY"

Aviva Drescher eventually told HuffPost Live (via Us Weekly) that she wanted to earn her keep. “In my real life, have I ever thrown anything? Never,” the leggy blonde author insisted. “Would I ever do that in real life? No. But there were several cameras around me, and was I thinking about making a show and be entertaining? Yes, absolutely.” 

Aviva added, “You start the season, you get one salary, and that’s that, and you know, I just feel an obligation to earn my keep,” she revealed. “You know, I got a certain salary, and I was there, and I was asked to be dramatic. We know they love that, and I tried my best.”

Sadly, despite her attempts to create chaos with her leg, Aviva was not asked to return for another season. “I can live with not being a good reality star, I’m okay with that,” she said in the same interview. She may not have lasted long on the small screen, but Aviva will forever live in “Real Housewives” history for that legendary showdown. 

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