3LW's Kiely Williams Says She Hooked Up With 3 Of 4 B2K Members – At The Same Time?! GET IT, GIRL!!

Kiely Williams is revealing E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G that went on in the early days of her career!

During an interview with legendary producer Carlos King on Thursday, the topic of Kiely’s past came up and Carlos asked the question everyone has been dying to know — did she ever date Raz-B? The former 3LW member’s answer came as quite the shock, though, when she said she never dated any of the members of B2K, but she did have an “entanglement” with them.

Between members Raz-B, J-Boog, Lil’ Fizz, and Omarion, the hip hop songstress revealed the only one she was never involved with was the latter:

“’Date’ is a loose word. I wouldn’t give that definition. I think I said ‘entanglement.’ With all of them except for .”


Carlos was taken by surprise — but the former Cheetah Girls member has no shame about her past! She told the interviewer:

“I’m grown, I can admit it. Everybody has their hoe days. Let them have ’em! We’ll look back on them days when we’re older and be like, ‘Yeah. I was out there thot, thot, thottin.’”

It’s awesome to hear Kiely be so real about her days as a young party girl! Most everyone goes through those days, especially when you’re a famous singer and actress.

But in case you’re wondering, her “entanglement” isn’t the most shocking thing she admitted to. According to the No More singer, there was apparently a foursome?! So wild!

The Kingdom Reign Entertainment CEO dug deep and asked if her involvement with the men happened “at the same damn time” to which Kiely replied:

“Only one time.”

Okay!! Fun times!!

Before everyone got too deep into their reactions, she quickly quipped:

“Look, everybody has to make mistakes.”

Oh… Oops…

She seems keen on reminding everyone it was a mistake — oof. Hopefully that doesn’t sting the B2K boys too much!

Kiely is very aware of how viral her statements are going to go after she admitted to them, though, and she’s prepared for the worst:

“I love that that’s going to be the headline: ‘Kiely’s a Slut.’ Yes, that’ll be a new one for me.”

You can ch-ch-check out the full interview (below):

The tea is piping hot! What do U think, Perezcious readers? Are you surprised about Kiely’s confessions? Let us know in the comments (below).

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