50 Cent Feels Like ‘Alien’ as He Reflects on Downsides of His Success

In a newly published article, the ‘In Da Club’ rapper also weighs in on the question whether he feels that people in the entertainment business are intimidated by him.

AceShowbiz50 Cent admitted to feeling like an “alien” in the entertainment world. Having obtained success in music industry and as executive producers of various TV shows, the “In Da Club” rapper got candid about what came to his mind about the downsides of his achievements.

“There’s points where I feel like the alien in the world, in where I come from versus what’s actually happening,” the 47-year-old said in an article piece for Vulture published on Thursday, June 8. He made the confession when explaining how his career in the business taught him the best way to alter his approach.

The “Power” star went on to elaborate, “Let’s say you’re being sued for a ridiculous amount of money, and nobody wants to budge because of how much money they believe you have at the present moment. You’re sitting there thinking, ‘I could really leave, and for $5,000, I can kill who I want.’ You know what I’m saying?”

Fiddy continued to stress by bringing up the incident back in 2000 when he was shot nine times. “This is really not a maybe. I’m sure! When I got shot nine times, that was $5,000. Because that’s where I’m from,” he stated. “Even they missed – if you went at them and you missed, they wouldn’t show up to court next time.”

Elsewhere in that same interview, Fiddy talked about people getting intimidated by him. “Well, you know what? I think at points, they’d be afraid of me saying things the way they are. Because they say the right thing instead of exactly what they’re experiencing or what’s going on,” he admitted.

Sharing more of his view on the matter, Fiddy elaborated, “Look, New York City, you know what you learn right a way to do? Say ‘no.’ It’s very easy. ‘No, I’m not going to do that. I’m not f**king with you on that.’ They don’t know how to say ‘no’ in Hollywood because they don’t want you to remember them as the person who told them ‘no’ when you could be next, when you could turn into the next thing.”

“The project that you’ve been reading for and you’re ready to perform? You find out you’re not going to be in that project anymore when it starts,” he continued explaining, “not because they called you and told you, ‘I liked you. I really wanted to work with you, but they made a different choice.’ “

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