On 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 6, Episode 13, things for some couples went from bad to worse.

Mike and Natalie's chronic inability to communicate or get along was worse than ever.

This resulted in Mike standing up, revealing how bad things have really gotten for them, and storming off of the set where the confessionals were filmed.

Andrei has gotten in good with Chuck, but as Libby's siblings find out about it, Andrei ends up with a face full of cake.

(Yes, we made a GIF, and you're welcome)

Michael raises eyebrows with talk of nursing until he was nine, and Angela puts him on blast when he mentions an odd idea.

It's moving day for Brandon and Julia, but Betty and Gibbs are hoping that they — and their descendants — will never excape the farm.

Jovi and Yara head to Miami for a date, but they have different ideas about what their lives as parents should look like.

Asuelu visits his mother and sister to ask them to please not cause unnecessary drama with Kalani or her family, for once.

1.Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva

2.So Natalie is meeting up with her friend

3.Natalie explains their latest beef

4.Julia has some good advice

5.The language barrier is only part of it

6.She also feels like Mike manipulates her

7.Natalie makes a very odd elephant analogy

8.He also just won't admit that there are real problems

9.Yep, it comes up in the confessional

10.An unhappy Mike stands up

11.Mike has an idea

12.So Mike gets Natalie's phone

13.Trish does tell her why she doesn't like her

14.FINALLY, Natalie brings up the "hooker" thing

15.Trish has bigger concerns

16.After the call, there's more


18.The big reveal

19.Natalie tries to explain

20.So … why are they still married?

21.He's done!


23.Elizabeth Potthast and Mike Youngquist

24.But there's good news

25.Hey Andrei, could you summarize the Potthast family dynamic real quick?

26.Libby will be the designer

27.Elizabeth just makes a face

28.Chuck is excited for this to happen

29.Libby shares the news with her sisters

30.Andrei vowed to be on his best behavior for the party

31.Andrei thinks that he's being bullied?

32.Then, more conflict

33.It's the same thing that they've been saying all along

34.Andrei quickly rushes to "defend" Chuck

35.But speaking of pie …

36.You KNOW we made a GIF

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