Howie Mandel pokes fun at Simon Cowell's back injury

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Canadian comedian and America’s Got Talent judge Howie Mandel, 65, has taken to Twitter after sparking concern following his collapse at Starbucks yesterday. The star shared a health update after he was rushed to hospital for treatment in Los Angeles.

He penned in view of his 820,000 followers last night: “I am home and doing better. 

“I was dehydrated and had low blood sugar. 

“I appreciate the great doctors and nurses that took such good care of me. 

“Thank you to everyone who reached out but I am doing ok!” The television personality reassured fans.

It comes after TMZ reported that Howie was going for coffee with his wife Terry and their friends when he suddenly passed out inside the coffee shop.

The US media outlet claimed paramedics were called to help Howie before his hospital dash.

The Los Angeles Fire Department also reportedly arrived at the scene to assist Howie, who was able to sit up before he was transported to a hospital at Tarzana, California.

Howie is believed to be a regular at the coffee shop, and his collapse is said to have left fellow customers worried.


Fans took to the comments section of Howie’s post to send him their well wishes.

Paula Mayo penned: “Look low blood sugar is no joke. I had a seizure due to my constant lows. That time it was so low I had a seizure in the middle of circle K. Fun times. I have hyperinsulemia. I live with lows. So glad you are home and doing better!!Stay safe Howie!”

Gracie added: “Sorry to hear this happened to you, Howie!  Same thing happened to me, but at Ralphs.  

“Spent half of the day at the hospital before going back for my groceries.  Not an easy way to spend a Sunday morning/afternoon!  Hope you’re feeling better soon!  Please take care!”

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Mar commented: “I am so glad. My heart just dropped when I first heard what happened. You are such an incredible light in this world and I am so glad to hear it wasn’t serious. Please take excellent care of yourself.”

Ozman X replied: “Check your glucose daily my man. Don’t forget your high quality H2O.”

Delores Day wrote: “@howiemandel, so sorry to hear this!! I know it had to be scary. I’ve been there too!! You take care if yourself & know you are Loved!!”

His collapse came just three days after Howie showed he had been in hospital for another procedure.

Howie posted a TikTok video to update fans after he had undergone a colonoscopy.

Addressing his health, the star tagged the video with #recovery.

Howie has previously spoken candidly about suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

The star told People Magazine that his fear of germs have sparked “dark depressions” as he struggles to deal with it.

He said: “I try to anchor myself. I have a beautiful family and I love what I do. But at the same time, I can fall into a dark depression I can’t get out of.”

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