AJ McLean would never bust a Kanye West and pee on a Grammy … not because he doesn’t have one to pee on, but because it’s just downright wrong.

We got the Backstreet Boys member leaving ‘DWTS’ practice this week and wanted to get his take on Ye taking a leak all over one of his Grammys stuffed inside a toilet. No matter the message Kanye was trying to send … pretty clear AJ wasn’t a fan of the move.

Check out the video … AJ says even though the Boys don’t have a Grammy — YET!!! — he thinks what Kanye did was way outta line.

As we reported … Kanye whizzed all over his own Grammy statuette to underscore his message about Black people needing a seat at the table. Remember, Kanye had been ranting about African-Americans not getting their fair share of the pie and instead are being exploited by companies run by Whites. He pointed the finger at the NBA and the music biz as prime examples. He also talked about ownership of his master recordings, blasting Universal Music Group and alleging they won’t even give him a chance to buy them outright.

Our photog asks AJ if artists should own their own master recordings … and the Backstreet Boy seems to somewhat agree with Kanye.

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