Akon & The Game Both Lash Out Over Twitter Blue Check Subscription

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7:08 AM PT4/4 — After a few days to mull it over, Akon is now claiming to have been hacked and says he’s totally against anyone using his platform to voice their own opinions. 😆

Elon Musk‘s Twitter Blue experiment continues to attract more fallout from its high-profile users … with a couple of rappers making it clear they won’t play Elon’s game just to prove it’s really them tweeting.

Akon, who’s been on the platform since March 2009, recently slammed Elon’s verification upheaval … looking back to the time when Twitter was a startup company that needed celebrity branding to attract more users.


The “Smack That” artist thinks Elon’s money grab is essentially a smack in the face after the company once begged him, and other artists, to tweet and bring their fans to the bird app.

The Game didn’t spew any venom in Elon’s direction, and instead targeted consumers who purchased a blue check … especially those he knows personally.

From Game’s POV … anyone shameless enough to buy a blue check is too phony to associate with him and should delete his contact info, pronto!!!

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The rappers are echoing LeBron James, who recently set off another Twitter Blue defection with his public refusal to pay.

Fact is … rappers’ tweets make headlines all the time, so having a slew of unverified accounts out in the Twitterverse seems like a recipe for chaos. Just a hunch. 🤷🏽‍♂️

Originally Published — 4/3 2:48 PM PT

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