This Morning: Alison on feeling like being 'bottom of the pit'

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This Morning presenter Alison Hammond shared a candid admission during today’s programme. During the midday show, Alison was joined by actress Davinia Taylor who discussed her transformation after shedding over three stone.

You kind of feel like you’re at the bottom of the pit and you’ve got to claw out of it

Alison Hammond

Alison, 46, has previously been named as an ambassador for WW, formerly known as Weight Watchers UK.

In 2019, the This Morning presenter said that she had been embarrassed by her size and had vowed to overhaul her image, enlisting the help of a personal trainer.

Since admitting she is dedicated to changing her life, Alison has often shared her journey with her social media followers.

Speaking in 2016, Alison admitted that her ideal weight would be around 12 stone but if she managed to get to a size 14 to 16, she would be “over the moon”.

Now, the star who found fame on Channel 4’s Big Brother, spoke candidly to actress Davinia who recently published her book, It’s Not A Diet, documenting her journey.

Speaking to Davinia, Alison said: “There will be people watching who are in it now, myself included, I am literally in it.

“You kind of feel like you’re at the bottom of the pit and you’ve got to claw out of it, where do we start?”

Davinia, 43, revealed that people should instantly begin to think about movement as the first step.

“I’d start with move, every movement starts in the brain, so it’s whether you’re going to reach for a pair of trainers or reach for the fridge”, she explained.

Davinia went on to add: “So I get up, every morning, remember, I’m an addict – once an addict, always an addict and I feed my brain with fat.

“Not sugar, fat, because fat triggers me.”

She later went on to suggest that people shouldn’t count calories but instead should count chemicals.

The Wigan-born star went on to say: “I eat on depression, when I’m upset or stressed I reach for carbohydrates.

“After my mum died I was doing that constantly, I gave up alcohol 13 years ago so I knew I couldn’t turn to that, so I turned to carbohydrates and sugar instead, I couldn’t stop.”

She explained: “What I didn’t realise is that a few ingredients in there were triggering me to be more depressed.

“The one I found out – more than sugar – is vegetable oil and seed oil, which actually just makes you depressed. It’s not meant to be in our diet, but it’s everywhere.

“When I cut that out, all of a sudden my body started functioning better and I could metabolise the food I was storing, get rid of it and improve my mood then start exercising.”

Davinia admits that following the death of her beloved mother to cancer, her weight spiralled after she had attempted to improve her mood through “carbohydrates, sugars, pizza and everything”.

Now, she has told of how she was informed by a doctor she was “borderline obese” and had to start moderating her intake.

“Me, as a recovering alcoholic, said, ‘Oh moderation. Yeah, that will work with me. Thanks so much for that advice’,” she said.

Since changing her lifestyle, Davinia has gone from a size 16 to a size eight.

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