All the Stars We’ve Lost in 2022

We’re paying our respects to all the prolific musicians, actors, comedians, and cultural icons who died in 2022. On May 5, actor Mike Hagerty died at age 67. The following day, his “Somebody Somewhere” costar Bridget Everett announced the news of his death in an Instagram post. In April, we lost Grammy-winning singer Naomi Judd of The Judds; Earth, Wind & Fire vocalist Andrew Woolfolk; and comic book artist Neal Adams.

This year, we also lost Hollywood icon Sidney Poitier, Miss USA 2019 winner Cheslie Kryst, “Bat Out of Hell” rocker Meat Loaf, funk pioneer Betty Davis, and “Full House” comedian Bob Saget. Each of them made a lasting mark on their respective industries. Ahead, we pay homage to all the celebrities we’ve lost in 2022.

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