Ambulance rushes to Gemma Collins’ home in late night health scare

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Gemma Collins was treated by paramedics at her Essex home late on Monday night, after an ambulance rushed over due to a medical emergency. The former TOWIE star, who is 42, expressed her heartfelt thanks to the medics who treated her as she shared photos on Instagram from the concerning moment.

One snap shared on Instagram Stories for her 2.2 million viewers showed a paramedic kneeling on the ground next to a machine with wires trailing from it.

Another showed the emergency ambulance parked out on her driveway, after the star started experiencing medical difficulties and they needed to be called out to her home.

“Thank you to all the amazing people that helped me this evening,” the grateful reality star exclaimed.

In a reference to the recent strike action over pay disputes, she added: “I really hope you get all you deserve!”

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She then used the hashtag #Payriseforkeyworkers, making it clear which side of the argument her loyalties lay.

“Really thankful in these current times to have such an amazing service,” she explained.

Just hours earlier, there had been no indication that Gemma had any health struggles.

She’d posted images of herself enjoying a luxurious pampering session, thanks to facial specialist Sarah-Jane Malins.

The celebrity beauty entrepreneur has featured in Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, Woman and Home and OK! magazine for her “acclaimed skincare range” and facial treatments.

Gemma was wowed by the experience, enthusiastically writing on her Instagram account: “I’ve been in another dimension for three hours!”

She raved that she felt very “zen” and “peaceful” after lying down and donning a face mask, while the beauty therapist burnt sage above her.

Yet, after the relaxing treatment, her health issues – which she has not yet elaborated on – emerged, causing the ambulance to race to her house.


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Certainly, Gemma’s life has been anything but peaceful in other recent times, as the distraught star felt compelled to contact the police over internet trolling.

The star, who recently donned a bright pink wig for her 42nd birthday celebrations, has been receiving relentless verbal attacks behind the scenes.

The tweet that raised the alarm was one by an anonymous follower who threatened to break her bones.

The distressing message read: “You are one ugly, fat b***h. If I see you in the street, I’m going to break your jaw.”

“I don’t give a s**t what people think of me. That comes with age,” Gemma had insisted previously on her self-titled podcast.

However, threats of physical harm by “hateful” trolls took things a step too far in the TOWIE star’s eyes, leaving her “shocked” earlier this month.

“I did contact the police, because no one should be messaging that,” she declared, expressing fears for others who might have received the same treatment.

“Clearly that person is not in a sane mind if he’s messaging that to me. Who else is he messaging it to?”

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