Angela Bassett's Son Pranks Her With Fake Michael B. Jordan Death

Angela Bassett‘s son pulled a pretty mean prank on his mom to cap off the year — telling her Michael B. Jordan had just died (not true) … but he realized it wasn’t a good idea.

The actress’s 16-year-old, Slater, posted a since-deleted video to his TikTok account this weekend … a quick 20-second clip showing him break some would-be tragic news to AB — namely, that another one of her ‘Black Panther’ costars had passed away.

He’s obviously trying to get a crazy reaction out of Angela, and boy does he get it … you see his mom freaking out, saying “No” repeatedly as she approaches to see what he’s seeing.

It sounds like Slater might’ve said he was joking in the clip, and we don’t get to see what Angela’s reaction is once she realizes the death story is fake. But, we imagine it wasn’t great … because, like we said, Slater took the video down — but he’s getting dragged regardless.

His video was captured by folks and is spreading like wildfire on social media … and the consensus seems to be — dude, how could you do that to your mom?!? Even as a prank.

Of course, Angela has already experienced tremendous loss on this front with the passing of Chadwick Boseman. As everyone knows, both Chadwick and Michael starred in the original ‘Black Panther’ … and the latter made a cameo in the recent sequel. So, they’re all tight.

Neither Angela nor Slater have addressed the joke-gone-wrong since it went up. But, in light of the backlash, it’s probably best to leave these fake death announcements in 2022.

Lord knows we already got our fair share of real deaths this year, especially in these last few days. Considering everything the ‘BP’ family has gone through, something like this would be way too much.

A valuable lesson learned, indeed.

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