Anna Sorokin’s birthday party required NDAs and social security numbers

We just heard that scammer Anna Delvey/Sorokin is going to be filming a reality show from house arrest, called “Delvey’s Dinner Club.” Curated friends and fancy menus at home because she can’t leave her house! Anyway, Anna also just celebrated her birthday, from home, with a big party in her smallish apartment. She called it “Club House Arrest” and had guests sign NDAs and asked for the social security numbers. Um, who in their right mind would give a scammer their SSN? I guess she wanted some identities for her birthday.

What the birthday girl wants, the birthday girl gets.

Scammer Anna Delvey required attendees of her birthday afterparty to sign non-disclosure agreements and provide their social security numbers, Page Six has exclusively learned.

While the NDA, obtained by Page Six, required to attend the “Club House Arrest” soiree appeared standard in its legalese, what stuck out was that underneath the signature it asked for everyone’s SSNs.

We hear attendees at the “Inventing Anna” subject’s fête either left it blank or went so far as to provide fake numbers.

While a rep for Delvey confirmed that an NDA release form was presented to guests upon entry, we can also report that guests also received them via email ahead of time.

Photos snapped by Cobrasnake show the bash, which was promoted by The Kollection using an announcement copying a New York Post cover, was attended by designer Cynthia Rowley and her daughter, Rachel Rabbit White, Cat Marnell, Ben Widdicombe, Dr. Alexander Blinski and more, and took place at Delvey’s walk-up apartment.

“The night was seriously somehow magical and full of synchronicities, things kept happening twice, or maybe it just felt like that because the party was so intimate but like a really good night,” one attendee told us.

Another added, “People were waiting outside on the street to get in. There was full door security and a clipboard person. The gimmick of going to Anna’s house is exciting right now.”

One source shared that house-arrested Delvey, who can have people over as long as she doesn’t leave, was “good at choosing a crowd” and served as an “amazing hostess.”

“It was a classic New York house party somehow, even if it was in a one-bedroom it wasn’t stifling,” the source said, “and the ankle monitor over her tights was chic.

The email with the NDA attached also “kindly” asked partygoers to make a monetary donation of their choosing to Access Justice Brooklyn, a nonprofit that provides “high-quality pro-bono legal services and community education to our neighbors in need.”

Earlier in the evening the freed jailbird celebrated her 32nd birthday with an intimate, invite-only “Happy F–king Birthday” dinner party, which was filmed for her upcoming reality show, “Delvey’s Dinner Club,” hosted by Profanity Paraffins with a menu designed by Chef Ryan Hackney of Citizens & Culture.

Her neighbors likely won’t care, about the noise because we hear everyone in the building is young and that other apartments made their space available for the dinner portion of the evening.

“She’s a celebrity in the building. She has a little cult.”

[From Page Six]

I’m glad the guests were smart and sober enough to not leave their actual SSNs. My god, how ridiculous. Also ridiculous, the “sources” that spoke to Page Six. They were all clearly Anna or given talking points by her. The compliments about the event and Anna were so over the top they were literally unbelievable. The ankle monitor looked chic? She’s not Lily van der Woodsen Bass Humphrey. The night was magical and full of synchronicities? If things are happening twice or feel magical at a scammer’s party that’s probably not a good sign. It was not stifling in that one-bedroom in an East Village walkup? As a New Yorker I call complete BS on that. I do believe that the gimmick is really exciting right now and she has a little cult. People are dumb and they get excited about silly stuff. This is so ridiculous and delusional and is clearly part of the promo for her TV show, which filmed its first episode with a smaller group earlier that night. I will say though, Anna looks good. Her post-prison glow-up looks good, but I guess she has a lot of time to groom and style stuck at home. Pics of her and the party and the “curated” guests are here.

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