Beat the Chasers: Anne calls Bradley a 'tool' in hilarious moment

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Anne Hegerty, 63, has opened up about why you do not hear as much from her on Beat The Chasers. The Governess has been on its sister show The Chase since 2010.

I guess the downside of it is I’m not quick.

Anne Hegerty

In an exclusive interview with, Anne revealed why she tends to be less vocal on Beat The Chasers.

The Governess said: “I guess the downside of it is I’m not quick.

“I mean I am quick compared to almost anyone else, but you know there are five other people on that team that are faster on the buzzer than me.

“So, they are liable to beat me to the buzzer.”

Anne is on Beat The Chasers with five of her fellow Chasers who have the chance to beat her to the buzzer. 

These include Mark Labbett, Shaun Wallace, Paul Sinha, Jenny Ryan, and Darragh Ennis.

She also admitted that she wasn’t even sure if her buzzer worked on the programme.

The Governess said: “There are a lot of times I think, is my buzzer working?

“Then I realise, yes it was working, I was there, and yes I was trying to get to it, but everyone was beating me to it.”

She added: “You don’t hear as much from me as you hear from the others and that’s why.”

Anne was then quizzed on if she had a favourite show between Beat The Chasers and The Chase.

Stuck between which show to pick, she compared the show’s filming days.

Anne said: “It’s really quite long filming days on Beat The Chasers as it’s all of us there all the time, whereas when you are doing The Chase, each Chaser is only doing one show a day.

“So I am probably only working about five hours that day, whereas on Beat The Chasers, you are liable to leave the house and not get back until 14 hours later.”

Anne holds a very busy lifestyle with recording The Chase, and later on in the year, taking part in pantomimes.

She will be playing villain Mrs Blundermore in a pantomime production of Jack and the Beanstalk.

While the pantomine is running, she will have two days off a week, and fortunately, these are days The Chase is filming.

Anne has been a firm favourite on The Chase since she joined the show over a decade ago.

Her popularity with the public grew in 2018 when she took part in I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!.

Defying her own expectations, she survived 19 days in the jungle camp.

You can catch Beat the Chasers on Saturday at 8.30pm or The Chase every weekday at 5pm.

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