Anthea Turner has revealed that she fractured her foot while running for a taxi in a freak accident in London.

Taking to her Instagram on Thursday morning, the television presenter explained that following a luxury shopping trip in the department story Fenwick, she was forced to seek emergency treatment in the hospital.

The 61 year old, who recently addressed her so-called "feud" with fellow TV presenter Eamonn Holmes, shared a collage of snaps on her Instagram of her visit to the hospital as well as an X-ray scan of the injury she sustained to her foot.

Andrea explained that the injury occurred while making her way to a celebrity charity event, which she still attended despite being in "absolute agony".

Andrea wrote in her Instagram caption: "So, yesterday didn't work out as expected!.

"Outside Fenwicks hailed a black cab, but rushing to get in tripped on a dropped curb twisting my foot, immediately it started to hurt and by the time I arrived @martinezbarlondon where the shoot was taking place, was in total agony."

After "posing" at the event, Andrea said that she decided to "go home via Chelsea and Westminster A&E."

"Now wearing funny boot and resting my fractured 5th Metatarsal in bag of ice taking painkillers every 4 hour," she explained.

"Hospital were simply amazing but will take 4-6 weeks to fully mend," Andrea added before vowing to ditch the heels that caused her trip.

The TV star also said she would use her downtime to start her Christmas shopping and autograph her new book, How To Age Well.

Andrea's fans were quick to wish her a speedy recovery in the comments.

"Ouch! Try to rest your foot as often as possible, and let it heal. Get well soon! X" one person wrote in the comments.

Another wrote: "Oh no! Get well soon, hope it mends quickly!" while a third wrote: "Oh Lordy!! Hope the pain eases soon."

Anthea has always been candid with her social media followers and regularly shares secrets behind her age-defying looks and physique.

Earlier this week, she said she enjoys mixing a few drops of tan drop oil with her usual everyday cream to give herself a healthy bronzed glow.

"At the top of the list will always be good everyday skincare routine diet, a little exercise, no cigarettes and factor 50," she wrote in a recent post.

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