Audrey Roloff Mom-Shamed: Don’t Endanger Your Baby for Clout!

Many Little People, Big World fans have been hesitant to take Audrey Roloff’s marital advice because, well, she’s in her twenties.

A lot of fans are also reluctant to take her parenting advice, for similar reasons.

But right now, fans are nothing short of appalled and frightened by Auj’s idea of parenting.

Skiing with your one-year-old baby strapped to your body with no helmet? That seems like a recipe for disaster.

“Ember’s second time on skis and she’s rockin it,” Audrey captioned a video of her and the family on skis.

She gushed about her three-year-old: “I can’t believe how much she’s improved!”

Parenting experts say that the best age for children to learn to ski is around 5, but apparently younger children can begin to learn the basics.

“Also this harness was so clutch,” Audrey raved.

She was carting one-year-old baby Bode around in the snow.

“And,” she added, “even has a little pouch in the back for some chairlift snacks.”

“And yes, I hiked a little ways up the bunny slope with Bode in the carrier,” Audrey acknowledged.

she explained that she did so “just so I can tell him he was on skis when he was one someday.”

Few people can say that they began skiing so early, that’s for sure.

“He slept though the whole experience though ha,” Audrey noted.

Hey, better a baby who’s comfortably sleeping than not having a good time.

“We’ve got some grommets,” she added, referring to the ways in which her baby was anchored to her body.

Audrey was obviously receiving a lot of criticism almost immediately, forcing her to update her caption.

“Context: I’m more confident on skis than I am carrying Bode up the stairs in our house,” she admitted.

Is that … good? A lot of fans are not convinced.

Mom-shamers and other critics have flooded her comments on Instagram.

Audrey is being slammed for being “reckless” with Bode’s safety.

Others chide her for doing something “so dangerous” with her baby.

“That is wrong and horrible on so many levels,” one commenter observed.

“And,” the mom-shamer continued, “just proves that all you care about it social media and not your kids!”

The critic then implored Audrey to “For once put your kids before your content! Just horrible.”

Others noted that just as with many safety precautions like seatbelts and helmets, it’s not just about Audrey’s confidence and skill.

Rather, it’s about others — including beginners, teenagers, and people who might be drinking while skiing.

Carrying a baby up the stairs may be nervewracking, but your risk of someone else colliding with you and knocking you over is very, very slim. Those odds go way up on the slopes.

Meanwhile, other fans recalled Audrey’s seeming reluctance to take the COVID-19 vaccine, citing “safety concerns.”

How in the world, they asked, could Auj think that a widely available vaccine that basically everyone on Earth is going to take over the next year or so is dangerous but that baby-on-board skiing is not?

A lot of people like Audrey, but find it hard to support or even understand some of her decisions.

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