Azealia Banks Dubs Kanye West Abusive Over His Story of Almost Aborting Daughter North

The ‘Anna Wintour’ raptress puts the ‘Donda’ artist on blast after he previously revealed that he and then-wife Kim Kardashian almost aborted their oldest daughter.

AceShowbizAzealia Banks weighed in on Kanye West‘s shocking abortion claims during her new interview. In the sit-down with The Guardian, the “Anna Wintour” raptress slammed the “Donda” artist after he revealed that he and then-wife Kim Kardashian almost aborted their oldest daughter North West.

“I feel like Kanye has made it, so garbage to be an entertainer with any opinion,” Azealia shared. The raptress added, “If anybody was ever praying for Azealia Banks to finally shut the f**k up, Kanye has provided the platform.”

Azealia further criticized the Yeezy designer, who ranted about abortions during his 2020 presidential campaign. “You’re a f**king idiot for basically sacrificing the mental health of your daughter,” she fumed. “Just because you can’t get attention from Kim Kardashian, you turn it on your f**king daughter.”

She went on to blast the rapper by calling the “Gold Digger” hitmaker “an abusive a**hole and “a p***y for picking on that little-a** girl.” She added, “You are the last person we need to hear from about Black fatherhood and the black family unit.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the controversial femcee pointed out how Ye spoke ill of the reality star when they first began dating. “It gave me a little bit of glee, because you’re young, and you’re dumb, and you don’t get it yet. When you’re getting all this messaging from hip-hop that you are exactly the type of black woman that it doesn’t want, and then you meet someone that you like, because the music is so good, and he’s like, ‘I hate this white b***h’ – you’re like, ‘Yesss!’ ” she added. “As time goes on, it’s like: ‘Wait, you hated my black a**, too! You hate all women!’ “

Additionally, Azealia criticized Ye over his love for Adolf Hitler and Nazi. “Kanye, did you know that the Bible was the very book used to enslave your dumb a**? Have you ever read the Bible? I’m sure you haven’t,” she shared.

Referencing Ye’s remarks calling Hitler “a good guy,” the “Big Big Beat” hitmaker said, “Do you think Hitler liked negroes? It’s way past shock culture and just into stupidity. You deserve to reap what you sow. In the future, when you’re walking down Times Square and you see Kanye West drinking flat Sprite out of a McDonald’s cup out of the garbage can, you can bring it all back to this moment.”

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