Bam Margera‘s outpatient rehab program clearly isn’t working — because the guy was partying his face off this weekend in a whole different state.

TMZ has obtained photos of the ‘Jackass’ star hanging out early Saturday morning at the Koo Koo Room in Atlanta, where we’re told he was raging with a group of strangers into the wee hours of the night.

Eyewitnesses tell us Bam was seen drinking … and not just that, but he was also, apparently, name-dropping himself around the joint and drumming up interest.

Looks like Bam made friends fast, because he posed for at least a couple of pics … including with some ladies. The guy in the white hat, we’re told, is Parker Lipman — who hosts MTV’s “Buckhead Shore.” Keeping it in the network family, it seems.

Anyway, this obviously flies in the face of the restructured program we were told Bam was going to attempt a couple weeks ago … this after he’d escaped his rehab facility in Florida several times, only to surface in bars and with friends time and again.

No telling what this might mean for him … we know his team was begging him to not leave Florida and to stay on track, but that’s all out the window now. Dude’s crossed state lines.

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