There are certain ‘things’ that will forever remain nostalgic in my eyes. The 2009 Disney Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana cross-over episode? Nostalgic. Peter Andre’s Mysterious Girl? Nostalgic. Bella Hadid’s most recent sleek updo hairstyle? Nostalgic.

Now, the latter comes to us within the last 24 hours after Bella debuted the new hair look in France on the 75th Annual Cannes Film Festival red carpet. Such a power move. And I know what you’re all thinking – what exactly is so special about her hairstyle that triggered such an acute sense of nostalgia? Why, it was her new diagonal side-sweeping fringe, of course!

Just like Miley Cyrus’ classic 00s deep side-parted fringe – yep, the one that she shared on Instagram the other day – Bella’s hair has been styled in a way that reminds us exactly of our year 9 science class days. That gelled eye-grazing piece-y fringe is giving me flashbacks to the uproar that would occur when we were all asked to tie our hair out of our faces when using the bunsen burners. Ahhh nostalgia at its best.

The lesser the strands, the better. Minuscule was the goal.

Bella’s deep side fringe has been styled to fall diagonally across her face, taking me further down the secondary school rabbit hole. Does anyone else remember diagonal partings? Or worse, zig-zag partings? Please, can we not make those a thing again? I do not have the time or patience.

The plaited bun hair look has also been paired with a smokey eye and graphic winged eyeliner, and so now, I’m also getting flashbacks to my emo-phase. Also an era I do not wish to relive.

Although the model’s fringe seems to have a mind of its own (thanks to the French wind), she still manages to look incredible.

Windswept, but supermodel edition. We love to see it.

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