Inauguration Day Bernie Sanders freezing his ass off is the hottest thing on the internet … and now it’s also a huge fundraiser in his home state.

Here’s the deal … Sanders’ campaign started hawking crewneck sweatshirts Friday with that incredibly meme-able shot of the Senator rocking his mittens for $45 each.

All proceeds are going to Meals on Wheels Vermont … and within just a few hours they were completely sold out.

Demand was incredibly high from the jump, with the campaign website quickly adding a disclaimer saying it would be 4-8 weeks until the gear was delivered … due to an overwhelming number of orders.

Inventory was wiped out by Friday evening, and folks late to the party were greeted by a “sold out” message on the site.

It’s unclear how many sweatshirts Bernie’s campaign sold, but ya gotta imagine at $45 a pop there will be plenty of Meals on Wheels served up at a crucial time for hunger across the country.

For those who missed out on the Bern … Bernie’s iconic shot’s also been memorialized as a baseball card and bobblehead.

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