After Beyonce had the twins, her body changed. She was older, and it gets harder and harder to take weight off and keep it off. She didn’t “bounce back” immediately, and her boobs absolutely got a lot bigger. What I enjoy about Beyonce’s figure in recent years is that she seems fine with it. She’s still really comfortable in her own skin, and if anything, she seems to be embracing her curves like never before. Which isn’t to say that Beyonce isn’t like many women: slightly delusional about what size she should fit into. Just because you can zip it up doesn’t mean you should wear it, B.

These are photos from WACO Theater Center’s fifth Annual Wearable Art Gala. Tina Lawson (Bey’s mom) co-founded this gala and has been involved with it for years, which means Beyonce and Jay-Z always show up to support Tina. Beyonce wore a strapless Gucci gown for the gala and… whoa, she really poured herself into it. You can see in the photos she posted that the Gucci is TIGHT. But in photos and videos from inside the event, we can see some different angles and the fit around her bust is especially terrible. She’s strangling her girls. How can she even breathe??

In addition to that, Beyonce auctioned off two tickets to her upcoming Renaissance Tour. They sold for $150K. Insane.

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Photos courtesy of Beyonce’s IG.

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