Bill Maher Says Sports is the Only Merit-Based Industry Left in America

Bill Maher has weighed in on nepo babies, and he’s got no problem with it … until a nepo baby says they succeeded on their own.

As the ‘Real Time’ host put it … “Enjoy the good life, but don’t say you didn’t have a huge advantage.” He says in showbiz, for example, getting in the door is 80% of the challenge … i.e., nepo babies, shut up that you got the job on merit alone.

Now BM goes on to say there’s one pure vestige of meritocracy left in America — sports. He points to the NBA, where it’s hard to argue the 450 players chosen are not the best in the world. He uses Bronny James as an example … his NBA future is far from certain, despite his amazing dad. Bronny is really good, but if he gets on a team it’s because he earned it.

Bill ticks off areas where merit has fallen by the wayside, and uses the airline industry as a cautionary tale. He says sure, we want the cockpit to look like America, but we also want to make sure the pilot can fly the plane. Fact is, both goals can be satisfied … but he says neither can be ignored.

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