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It’s been a tough few months for Billie Shepherd. She heartbreakingly lost her nanny Wendy the week before she was forced to leave Dancing On Ice due to a head injury. Then, just moments after we gave The Mummy Diaries star a call for a catch-up, she received even more devastating news that her grandad Mick had passed away from cancer.

Thankfully, the 31-year-old has husband Greg, 36, by her side, and the couple share daughter Nelly, six, and son Arthur, four.

When we chat with Billie over Zoom about her spring children’s range with George, she also reveals she’s keen to re-enact
her magical Maldives wedding, which took place in 2019.

“We’d like to renew our vows,” Billie reveals. “Greg just needs any excuse for a party – he says we should do it in five years!”

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Here, the former TOWIE star opens up about motherhood, her home renovation plans and how devastated she was at having to pull out of DOI

Hi Billie. Firstly, tell us what you love most about being a mum…

How much happiness and joy the kids bring to your lives. It’s so weird, I can’t even think of what I did before I was a mum. Children rely on you so much. I love being there for them and making them happy. I love watching them grow and seeing them do cute things. Being a mum is just the most rewarding feeling in the world. It’s a juggle with work, but the kids are always my priority.

Nelly is just hilarious – does she get her humour from you?

I think she’s a real mixture of mine and Greg’s personalities. I like to think I’m quite funny [laughs]. But Nelly does things just like I would. She’s obviously heard me saying something about Greg’s cooking, and she’ll say to me, “I’m sorry, I just can’t deal with Daddy’s cooking tonight!” This was when I was really busy doing Dancing On Ice and Greg was having to cook more. She’d say, “Can you make something else, so he can heat it up the next day?” Greg told me that it was me because I’m always moaning about his cooking. But then Nelly does not stop talking and Greg’s like that. Greg will walk into a room and talk to anyone – Nelly is a bit like that as well. It’s funny to see the different traits in both of them.

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Do you think being so close to your mum is why you’ve got such a strong bond with your kids?

Yeah. Me, my mum [Suzie] and sister [Sam Faiers] are so close. That’s just how we’ve been brought up – to always care and look after each other. That’s how we are with the kids.

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You had such a beautiful wedding! Would you consider renewing your vows?

Yeah. I think in 10 years, but Greg says five! It’s just any excuse for a party with him. We’d love to go back to the Maldives where we had our wedding.

You’re renovating your new home. How’s it going?

It’s finally started, which I’m really pleased about because we’ve had the house now for 15 months. I’m really excited. It’s a big project
and there’s a lot to be done, but it’s underway.

Can you describe how it will look?

I’ve got so many Pinterest board pictures. We want a big open-plan kitchen with a family area. We’re making a bigger garden and there’s a room downstairs that will be my office. Greg asked why I needed an office, but I do a lot of work from home. Even with social posts, I always get sent bits and it would be so nice to have my own space to get things organised. I’m also going to have my own dressing room. We’ve got a really good idea about the layout and how it will be.

Was it stressful renovating a house, juggling family life and training for Dancing On Ice?

Before Christmas I had a lot going on. It felt like a never-ending juggling act. But with the house, it worked out well because we didn’t start until this month, so that was good timing. Dancing On Ice was such a huge commitment. I wanted to dedicate my time because I wanted to do well in the competition. Plus, with filming for The Mummy Diaries , other work commitments and being a mum, it was a lot! It’s crazy to think how quick Dancing On Ice has gone. Unfortunately I had to leave the competition, but I think it would have gone so quick if I’d stayed. But at the time, mentally and physically, you have to be 100% in it.

Were you gutted when you had to pull out?

I was so gutted and upset. Obviously, these things do happen, and when you sign up to a show like that, you know it happens. But you never think it will happen to you. I was especially gutted for Mark [Hanretty, her skating partner]. He’d put so much time and effort into training me, because it can’t have been easy [laughs]. He was so patient with me. I was really upset for him.

Tell us about your latest children’s range with George…

It’s a 36-piece collection, which is just so lovely. It’s a real mixed colour palette – there’s nudes, but pops of mustard and green as well. There’s some gorgeous prints and it’s so wearable too. Nelly is the fussiest child when it comes to fabrics and it’s passed what I call The Nelly Test [laughs]. I wouldn’t say she’s a real girlie-girl or a tomboy – she’s really in between. As long as she’s comfortable, then that’s all that matters really.

Do you think Nelly takes after you, style-wise?

She actually does. If I don’t feel comfortable in something, I just can’t wear it. I’m really fussy like that – probably where she gets it from!

Shop Billie’s children’s collection at george.com

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