It’s Case Keenum‘s 10th training camp, and if there’s one thing the veteran quarterback has learned … it’s the value of a good prank during the dog days of camp!

The Bills’ backup QB decided to have a little fun at the expense of his teammates as they prepare for the start of the season, dressing up as a fan, and bugging players for autographs.

“I’m going to see today how many autographs I can get from my teammates,” Keenum said in a video posted to the Bills social media page.

34-year-old Keenum looked the part … he rocked a Bills shirt, sunglasses and a tan bucket hat. Case was able to snag a few autographs … and his undercover person was so good, he nearly got wideout Isaiah McKenzie twice.

Luckily, when Case approached McKenzie for a second time, he realized it was Keenum.

The disguise was so good, Keenum was nearly kicked out by a security guard who told him he was in an area he wasn’t permitted.

But, the highlight of the video came when star QB Josh Allen curved Keenum’s request for a signature.

“Josh, Josh, Josh,” Keenum screamed as the 6-foot-5, 238-pound quarterback emerged from the tunnel. “Ay, you’re my favorite player, man. You’re my favorite player, man,” Keenum said.

“I love you, Josh,” he continued as he handed the Bills’ signal caller a marker to sign his football.

Allen did a double-take … and recognized it was Keenum. The two exchanged smiles and laughs about it all, with Allen playfully mushing his fellow QB.

Case Keenum, 1st team All-Prankster

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