Boxing star Gervonta Davis is finally admitting he was “wrong” for getting violent with his ex-GF back in February … and claims he’s since sought professional help.

As we previously reported … the 25-year-old WBA lightweight champ was caught on camera aggressively grabbing his ex, whom he has a child with, at a celeb basketball game in Miami on Feb. 1.

Footage of the altercation was disturbing … it showed the boxing superstar clearly putting his hands near the woman’s neck and violently grabbing her away from her courtside seat.

In other angles of the incident, obtained by TMZ Sports, the footage appeared to show Davis later attempting to throw a punch at the woman when the two got inside the locker room area.

Police say the woman suffered injuries to her lip and left jaw in the altercation … and Davis was eventually arrested and hit with two charges of misdemeanor battery.

Now, Davis — who’s pleaded not guilty to the charges — is speaking out about it all … admitting on the Last Stand Podcast with Brian Custer that he wishes things had gone differently.

“I was just mad,” said Davis, who claimed the whole thing started because he was angry over the woman attending the event. “And, once I seen her, it’s not [like] I grabbed her by her neck, I grabbed her shirt, like, you gotta get outta here type thing.”

“And, I probably was wrong for doing that. I WAS wrong for doing that. But, it wasn’t so much of not me trying to hit her, it was just me angry.”

Davis — who had said immediately after the incident he NEVER hit the woman — insisted yet again on the podcast he did NOT physically strike his ex with his fists in the confrontation.

“I’m a fighter,” Davis said. “If I touch you in any kind of way, like as far as fists, I’mma hurt you. So it wasn’t that. It was just me removing her from that situation that she wasn’t supposed to be in.”

Davis, though, did say he believes he has “a little” anger problem … and added he’s gotten professional help over it all since the incident.

“It wasn’t because I have to,” Davis said of the help, “it’s more so of because of the situation in the future — knowing how to deal with stuff in the future.”

Davis’ battery case, meanwhile, is still playing out in the court system.

Davis is 23-0 as a pro fighter — and has been hailed as one of the best young fighters in the world.

He’s set to fight Leo Santa Cruz in another championship fight next month.

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