Byron Kennedy‘s now had three days to stew over returning a $500,000 ball to Tom Brady … but he tells TMZ Sports he STILL has no regrets about handing over the pigskin.

We got the Tampa Bay Bucs superfan on Wednesday … and he made it clear, he’s not feeling down in the dumps one bit about giving away TB12’s 600th TD ball on Sunday — even after half a week to think about his decision.

“I think I did the right thing,” Kennedy said. “I’m happy Tom has it.”

As we previously reported, Mike Evans accidentally gave away the Brady ball to Kennedy following his touchdown catch against the Chicago Bears … and after the Bucs asked for it back, Byron obliged.

The problem … memorabilia experts say it was worth half a mil!!

Kennedy, though, has since been rewarded for his troubles … the team hooked him up with tickets and swag, and Brady and Rob Gronkowski have since sent him cryptocurrency as well.

And, Byron tells us the return haul has been more than enough for him, saying, “It’s all working out pretty well.”

Sure, it’s not exactly 18 holes on the golf course with Brady … but it’s clear, Kennedy’s very happy nonetheless — even if his wallet ain’t.

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