Caitlyn Jenner isn’t the greatest at using Twitter, apparently — maybe she should call Donald Trump for some covfefe? Sorry, we meant to type “advice”!

The former I Am Cait star is the most famous of all the gubernatorial hopefuls currently running in the recall election to possibly replace Gavin Newsom. And while this latest gaffe won’t doom Jenner’s election chances (because she really doesn’t have any), it’s also definitely not the smartest thing she’s ever done!

The controversy kicked off on Monday afternoon, when Jenner took aim at a tweet from an apparent Newsom supporter encouraging people to vote ‘No’ in the recall election and maintain the former San Francisco mayor’s status as governor.

Not exactly feeling the pro-Newsom approach considering her own conservative candidacy, Kris Jenner‘s ex delivered this impassioned message via Twitter to kick off the controversy:

“Why? Do you want more unemployment? More from? More illegal immigration bringing COVID? Schools closed? BS! Forget #GavinNewsom”


We’re not sure what exactly she’s trying to say in that tweet — like, what does “More from?” as a standalone sentence even mean?

But that was nothing compared to the quote-tweet of her quote-tweet that was caught immediately by shrewd Twitter users!

As you can see (below), Jenner clearly appears to quote-tweet herself while referring to, ummm, herself as if the new (top) tweet was coming from another account:


“Honestly shocked she would retweet that.” And then thanking herself??

It sounds to us like somebody trying to post some totally unbiased support for the reality star’s political positions — only the tweet is once again coming from Jenner herself. So we have to ask: did Caitlyn mean to tweet that from her own account?

To many on social media, it looked more like a bungled attempt at going to a burner account — i.e., a fake account a celebrity uses in secret to retweet and show support for their tweets in order to make you think the celeb is more popular and well-liked than they really are.

And thus in this instance, Caitlyn simply forgot to switch over to the anonymous account before commenting! That theory seems to be bolstered by the fact she removed the tweet once she realized what happened.

If that’s the case, Caitlyn’s social media strategy is as incompetent as it is dishonest — not a great ad campaign for her as a governor.

She’d also be far from the only celeb doing this btw. Several years ago, NBA star Kevin Durant confirmed he had multiple burner accounts on both Twitter and Reddit.

Hilariously, though, politicians just can’t seem to get the hang of it. Twitter users mocking Caitlyn over the mistake haven’t been shy pointing out similar missteps made by other politicians, as you can see:

HA! Amazing.

Heck, we’ve even covered hilarious burner account f**k-ups like this one, in which this guy actually posted that he was “a black gay guy”:


Not great for Cait! But it does brighten our day every time it happens! LOLz!!! See more hilarious reactions to Caitlyn’s since-deleted debacle (below):

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