California Skydiver Rescued After Crash-Landing Into Power Lines

skydiver stuck in power lines

A California skydiver’s jump on Monday nearly ended in tragedy — she crash-landed into power lines — but, thankfully, she was able to miraculously walk away from the scene unharmed.

The Riverside County Fire Department said it got a call regarding the stuck skydiver at around 11:53 a.m. on Monday.

Firefighters rushed to the scene in Lake Elsinore … but they had to leave the woman hanging for 40 minutes as utility workers needed to cut the power from the wires before they could safely extract her.

skydiver stuck in power lines

In photos from the scene, you can see the woman was entwined in a powerline as first responders raced to get her down safely. Eventually, they were able to untangle her and bring her down to the ground, where she was evaluated by medics.

Thankfully, the woman was uninjured … and later explained to NBC Los Angeles that she was trying to avoid another power line on her way down to the landing zone, causing her to crash.

The female skydiver, a student at Skydive Elsinore, was apparently jumping for the first time with her own equipment.

“The parachute opened properly and was in perfect working order,” Skydive Elsinore said to NBC Los Angeles.

“At some point during the parachute descent, the jumper became confused and flew away from an open landing area and into to powerlines.”

Glad everyone made it out safely.

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