Camila Mendes Cant Resist Picking Her Acne Until It Bleeds

The ‘Riverdale’ actress talks about her beauty regime struggle, admitting she has a bad habit of picking her skin until it leaves scars when she has acne.

AceShowbizCamila Mendes can’t help picking her skin “until it bleeds” to get rid of acne. The 28-year-old actress confessed she has a painful way of dealing with blemishes on her skin.

“Whenever I have a blemish, I’ll destroy it and pick at it until it bleeds. And then it becomes a wound that eventually scars, so hyperpigmentation is one of my biggest ongoing concerns,” she said to Allure magazine.

The “Riverdale” star never used to have “an extensive skincare routine” before joining the Netflix show, but she has learned to adjust. She explained, “Before ‘Riverdale’, I wasn’t someone who wore a lot of makeup or had an extensive skin-care routine. But when I started spending hours and hours wearing heavy makeup on set, I saw that my skin was suffering and knew I needed to do more for myself.”

Camila noted she is a minimalist “at heart,” but is willing to “adjust” when necessary. She added, “When my skin needs some extra TLC, I’ll adjust my routine accordingly. Typically sticking to a cleanser, toner, moisturiser and sunscreen, occasionally the star will also branch out to eye and face masks, a spot treatment and a facial roller.”

She said, “There is no ‘one size fits all’ in skin care. Pay attention to how your skin responds to each product you try, and curate a routine that’s specific to your own needs.”

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