Michelle Keegan sports gold dress on The Jonathan Ross Show

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Michelle Keegan, 34, has spoken out on The Jonathan Ross Show about the time she met Prince Charles and Camilla. The ex Corrie star explained how she felt that the Duchess of Cornwall may have over exaggerated her penchant for British soap operas.

Really though? Can you imagine them watching Corrie at home?

Michelle Keegan

Michelle said she met the pair when they came to the Coronation Street set. 

The star implied that she doubted whether Camilla had actually watched Corrie like she said she had.

She said: “I did meet Prince Charles and Camilla – they came to the Coronation Street set. Camilla did say she watched Corrie. 

“Really though? Can you imagine them watching Corrie at home?” 

She also spoke to Jonathan about other work she had done since the long-running drama. 

Michelle addressed the one show she’d done which she was most proud of.

She shared how it allowed her to travel but sadly kept her away from home.

“I’d say Our Girl just because I was away from home for a long time. 

“One of the seasons I did I was living away for eight months.

“I was in Nepal, Malaysia, South Africa. I had a great time, I was lucky, but it was hard to be away from home.”

The actress said she would happily return to Our Girl for another season as her character’s story arc was left open.

She said she felt it was the right time for her character to “step back”.

“Yeah. The door’s been left open for Georgie anyway, so I definitely would. 

“Georgie’s storyline with Elvis came to an end… But I would love to come back,” she stated.

Michelle added that acclimatising to the drastic change in weather conditions was “really physically demanding”.

She said it was extremely hot and learning the medical side of the job was taxing. 

Michelle also spoke to Jonathan about how she was used to doing her own stunts. 

She explained that her most recent stunts were done during filming for Brassic, where she did vehicular stunts. 

The actress said: “A car was reversing back. The hand break was off.

“I was wearing heels, I had to run towards the car to put the hand break up. It was moving and I had to jump in the car.”


The Jonathan Ross Show airs tomorrow at 10.30pm on ITV and ITV Hub. 

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