In the latest episode of her podcast, the conservative political commentator plays an audio which she claims to be the TV star’s message that she left on Ray J’s voicemail around a decade ago.

AceShowbizCandace Owens leaked an audio of Kim Kardashian making disturbing comments on Whitney Houston. In the latest episode of her podcast, the conservative political commentator discussed Kim’s controversial sex tape scandal with ex-boyfriend Ray J before sharing the audio.

“I have been fascinated, as you guys know, with the Kim Kardashian sex tape story, which is so relevant-I cannot tell you!” Candace said in the episode. “Because… if this is correct, and by all indications, it seems that Ray J, her ex, is telling the truth-that she was not a victim of the sex tape but she orchestrated the sex tape, right?”

Of “The Kardashians” star, Candace continued, “She’s actually a nasty person behind the scenes, who has been hell-bent on being famous, and she used a lot of black men, in particular, to get to where she is, and then left them in the dust.”

Candace later played an audio of what was said to be Kim’s message which she left on Ray J’s voicemail around a decade ago. In the audio recording, a woman, who was allegedly the daughter of Kris Jenner, was heard making derogatory comments about the singer and his rumored then-lover Whitney.

“You clearly want people to call you, but yet… you won’t call me back. And, actually, you know what, don’t call me back! Don’t ever call me back; I never want to talk to you ever, ever again,” she said. “I think you’re, honestly, a sick human being, and I think you are just so desperate that you’ll do anything for f**king attention.”

“And you’re just so disgusting! Honestly, go, like, have fun with old hag Whitney Houston, like… she’s so sick. And crack is definitely not wack with you guys,” she continued. She further ranted, “You need to go hang out with your old, like, friend. And it’s not right, but it’s okay. I’m definitely going to make it anyway because you guys are just disgusting and sick!”

Fans were coming at Kim after listening to the audio. “Not her calling one of the greatest voices of all time who’s talent was god given… Whitney.. an old hag & crackhead. Sis barely was able to survive Kortney / Whitney woulda whooped her azz,” one user commented. Meanwhile, a fan assumed that “[Kanye West] gave this to [Candace]” and “kris gone finish this lady so it’s like we’ll get a 2 for 1.”

Someone, however, criticized Candace for attacking Kim for no reason. “I dont really care for Kim but what is the reason for Candace to bring this up when it got absolutely nothing to do with her ??” the person questioned. Meanwhile, a fan noted that the woman in the audio sounded more like Kourtney Kardashian than Kim.

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