‘Can’t believe we did this’ Martin Lewis shares steamy throwback video with wife Lana

Martin Lewis stars in comedy short with wife Lara Lewington

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Martin Lewis, 49, reminisced over an old video with his wife Lana Lewington, 42, on Twitter today, leaving his fans in stitches as they watched. The clip was designed to demonstrate how you can haggle on your phone bill – but it featured some very romantic antics. 

In the video, journalist and presenter Lana is writing in her diary about dating Money Saving Expert Martin.

“Dear diary, it’s not always easy being engaged to a money saving expert,” she says. 

“I remember back when we’d only just started going out. 

“I thought he suggested we share a milkshake because it was romantic, but little did I know…”

As the two lovers slurped out of the same milkshake cup, Martin explains: “Two mediums cost 4, one large gives you the same amount for £3.”

He adds: “It’s not that I don’t care, simply that there’s just so much to learn.”

In the next scene, Martin, dressed like a 1950s businessman, arrives back home to Lana, dressed like a housewife. 

“Hello honey, I’m home,” he says.

“Dinner’s nearly ready, darling,” she replies. 

Martin then picks up Lana’s phone bill and exclaims in horror as he sees it’s £75.

In the next clip, Martin explains that was how Lana remembered things, but he recalled the incident in a less “romantic” way.

“When I saw Lara’s phone bill I gulped. With a £25 monthly tariff and £50 of calls and texts on top, she was overpaying,” he says. 

Martin then explains how he helped Lara to haggle her bill by “battering them down” over the phone. 

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He recommended consumers look for the cheapest phone contract deal online, and use that as a benchmark. 

The phone provider suggested a new contract, and Lara replied that it sounded good, but asked if they could do any better.

Looking on proudly, Martin said: “Lara’s got the style just right, as I’d expect. 

“This is all about chutzpah, charm, and a twinkle in negotiation – it’s not about making demands, you’re haggling for a better deal.”

Offered a £20 discount, Lara is then advised to ask to be put through to “disconnections”, meaning she intends to cancel her contract because the new deal isn’t good enough. 

She is then offered a deal of just £25 for all her texts and calls, as well as an upgraded phone model – and she’s delighted. 

Back in Lara’s fantasy, she writes in her diary: “Now that my finances are sorted, there’s so much more time to spend together.” 

Alongside the rather dated video, Martin wrote the caption: “Blast from the past… Mobile phone haggling with my (now) wife.

“Products and prices have changed (as much as my look and delivery) but the basic premise still works.”

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