Cardi B responds to criticism after she turned off ‘WAP’ when Kulture entered the room

Cardi B is very active on social media – she posts regularly to Twitter, Instagram, IG Live and IG Stories. She also has an OnlyFans where she gives updates to her biggest fans. A few days ago, Cardi was playing around on IG, dancing and singing along to her massive hit “WAP,” which as we all know, is a dirty, fun song. Her little toddler Kulture comes walking into the room behind Cardi, and Cardi immediately turns off the song:

— DatPiff (@DatPiff) January 4, 2021

It’s a cute moment and it makes me like Cardi more. She loves that kid and she’s trying to be a good mom and no, a two-and-a-half year old child doesn’t need to hear “WAP.” But Cardi was criticized because… people are dumb, I guess.

Cardi B drew some attention over the holiday break after she shared a video which suggested that she doesn’t like Kulture listening to her latest hit, “WAP.” In the clip, Cardi is listening to the song but frantically pauses it when she notices that Kulture is walking into the room. For some reason, that led to backlash among some, which Cardi has now addressed.

One Twitter user wrote to Cardi, “So ya daughter cant listen to it but everybody else’s daughter can ? @iamcardib AW OKAY ! Exactly what I been saying you have an agenda to push with that trash ass label your with. DISGUSTING.”

Cardi fired back, “Ya needs to stop with this already ! I’m not jojosiwa ! I don’t make music for kids I make music for adults. Parents are responsible on what their children listen too or see. I’m a very sexual person but not around my child just like every other parent should be.” She continued in another tweet, “There’s moms who are strippers. Pop p*ssy ,twerk all night for entertainment does that mean they do it around their kids ? No! Stop makin this a debate.Its pretty much common sense.”

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Agree. That’s one of the criticisms launched almost solely against mothers too – “how would you feel if your daughter did this or that, so why are YOU doing it?” “This or that” being anything from “having sexual agency” to “making money” to “dancing” to “cursing.” Of course Cardi is going to raise Kulture to have agency and make money and curse and twerk and have fun. But at age appropriate times! Two year old babies don’t need to hear “WAP.” And if Cardi had NOT turned off the song, she would have been criticized for that too.

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