Catherine Hicks Says '7th Heaven' Reboot Not Happening, Done Acting

Catherine Hicks is shutting down any notion of a “7th Heaven” reunion, reboot or remake … saying far too much has changed, and it just wouldn’t be the same. Unless …

We’ll get to her one caveat, but when we caught up with Catherine in Bev Hills, we raised the issue of a possible second coming for her hit family drama.

She pretty quickly shot down any hope of it happening … pointing to the fact the kids from the show have all grown up. She also made it clear she doesn’t act anymore. Instead, she’s focusing on being a mom in real life, not just one on screen.

As for her on-screen hubby, Stephen Collins, he’d definitely be out because he’s “gone” … as Catherine very gently put it.

Remember, TMZ got audio back in 2014 of Collins confessing to his then-wife Faye Grant he molested and/or exposed himself to 3 girls between the ages of 11 and 13. He ended up not being prosecuted due to the statute of limitations … but his marriage went up in flames, and he fled Hollywood.

The last time we talked to Catherine, she talked about forgiveness and being open to the idea of a reunion with the disgraced actor — but, now it sounds like all those ships have sailed for her.

As far as having a new cast recreate the series, she says there is a way to do it — just one, and it would require the services of one specific person.

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