Prodigal Son: Michael Sheen appears in second season trailer

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Hollywood actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, 51, revealed just how close she and Welsh star Michael Sheen, 52, are away from the spotlight, branded him “like a brother” despite never meeting until they worked together on the set of Fox’s Prodigal Son. The pair both grew up in the same town in Wales, attended the same drama school and their parents are friends.

Our parents know each other, and Michael knows my parents!

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Chatting with Whoopi Goldberg on The View, Catherine admitted acting alongside her fellow Welshman was always on her bucket list of things she wanted to do.

And it was here that the extent of their relationship was unearthed.

“We have so many mutual friends, literally childhood friends,” she smiled as she revealed their link to Whoopi.

“I was in different theatre groups and we never met.

“Our parents know each other, and Michael knows my parents!”

Despite the fact they were like ships that passed in the night, Catherine felt a strong connection to him regardless.

She added: “Even though I didn’t know him, he felt like a brother from another mother in a way.”

Having discussed her return as psychiatric-hospital doctor Vivian Capshaw in Prodigal Son, the film star gushed over Michael’s portrayal of serial killer Martin Whitly in the series.

She beamed as she explained that her admiration for his talent and her love for the show and her character left her feeling confident about rejoining the cast for the second season.

“It’s hard sometimes, you come into the show and it’s like, “Whoa, it’s the first day, I feel like it’s the first day of school!'” she quipped.

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“I feel really self-conscious.”

But working alongside Michael kept her at ease.

“With Martin being played by Michael, who is literally from my village, from my town… it’s a wonderful sense of being very, very at ease,” she said.

“When they cut, we go straight into our Welsh accents like super, super strong Welsh accents and talk about places and people we know!”

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