The YouTuber laughs it off after a video circulates online showing him apologizing to Nipsey, the late rapper’s family and affiliates for mocking his death.

AceShowbizCharleston White isn’t regretting making jokes at the expense of Nipsey Hussle despite a video of his supposed apology. The controversial social media personality claimed the apology was fake and it wasn’t even a new one.

Clarifying the origin of the video, the 52-year-old admitted he made the fake apology video one year ago. “Man, that fake Nipsey Hussle apology is from last year,” he said in a new video posted on Sunday, August 14.

“I made that fake apology when we go to Atlanta,” Charleston said, before letting out mocking laughs. He reiterated in the clip, which was filmed in a car, “That fake Nipsey Hussle apology is from last year.”

Previously, a video surfaced online of Charleston apologizing for mocking Nipsey and his death. Suggesting that he was forced to issue the public apology because he was warned by the “Crip n***a,” he said, “I want to apologize to Nip. I’m sorry.”

“And the reason I’m apologizing, ‘cuz the Crip n***a came to me,” the YouTube star claimed, adding that he didn’t expect Nipsey’s fans to forgive him. “I ain’t gon ask y’all to forgive me because I know most of y’all have unforgiving hearts,” he said.

Charleston, who is a former Crip from Texas, disassociated himself from the California-based gang when the family of the person he killed at age 14 forgave him for taking the life of their relative. He made no secret his disdain for Nipsey and others involved with the gang.

“F**k Nipsey Hussle,” the motivational speaker once said. He also cursed some fallen rappers who were associated with the aforementioned street gangs as saying, “Death to all Crips and Bloods. Death to all GDs and BDs. May they all die like King Von. May they al die like Drakeo The Ruler. May they all die like Nipsey Hussle.”

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