Charli XCX bared all in a transparent dress for the Brit Awards 2023

Charli XCX was among the most daringly dressed of the night when she strode onto the red carpet concealing almost nothing in her see-through gown. 

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Charli XCX ensured all eyes were on her as she made her grand entrance to the Brit Awards 2023.

Her floor-length dress might have seemed demure at first glance, but on closer inspection, viewers could see she was totally nude underneath save for a pair of white knickers.

She completed her eye-popping look with a couple of simple silver bangles, plus some dramatic winged eyeliner.

Charli’s 2022 album Crash, which she has revealed was inspired by Janet Jackson, has been selling like hot cakes, and it’s safe to say there are plenty of fans watching out for the musical star on the red carpet this Saturday.

Charli XCX voiced her disapproval over tonight’s nominees.

Charli XCX spoke out on the red carpet this Saturday, hitting out at the fact that no women were nominated in the Best Artist category, and hinting that she feels she should have received a nod. “I heard the reason is… the Brits felt that there weren’t enough women in the album cycle, but I was in the album cycle and had a number one, critically acclaimed album. That is really all I have to say.”

Charli XCX is an advocate for feminism and women’s rights

Charli XCX wrote her song ‘Body Of My Own’ as a feminist statement, and is supportive of women’s freedom to wear as little or as much as they please, without judgment. 

Charli XCX has made a name for herself politically

Charli XCX appeared in the BBC Three documentary The F Word and Me, which shone a light on gender equality, and she got heavily involved with LGBT rights when she signed a letter to Liz Truss calling for a total ban on conversion therapy.

Charli XCX is no stranger to controversial imagery

For her album Crash, which was released last year, Charli XCX chose to take on a devilish persona, promoting her “femme fatale powers” and “dark spells and curses”. 

Charli XCX has just jetted in from NYC, where she marked Fashion Week

Charli XCX was in New York earlier in the week, where she posed with the likes of Paris Hilton’s sister Nicky at the exclusive Aman Hotel’s Jazz Club for a party to kick off the acclaimed Fashion Week season. 

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