Charlotte Dawsons son Noah, 2, meets baby brother for first time but doesnt understand

Charlotte Dawson has introduced her two little boys just hours after welcoming her second son, Jude Dawson Sarsfield, into the world.

Charlotte, 30, and her fiance Matt Sarsfield rushed to hospital in the middle of the night on July 30, as the reality TV star’s labour was progressing quickly.

Charlotte later shared that she been admitted at around one o’clock in the morning and delivered baby Jude at 2.13am after wrongly thinking that her contractions were false.

“Everybody did warn me saying that your second baby flies out… hahaha I wish I did listen,” Charlotte joked under an adorable picture of her cradling her little one, before explaining that while she had planned to have a c-section, she was forced to deliver naturally when her baby’s head appeared!

“I pushed nearly a 9 pounder out,” the star wrote. “But our little Judey baby is a dream come true, happy and healthy and we are so in love. I can’t wait for Noah to meet him and be the best big brother.”

Charlotte later took to her Instagram stories to share their first call with two year old Noah after the birth.

“Noah meeting baby Jude on FaceTime… that little face he didn’t really understand. I can’t wait to see them together tomorrow,” Charlotte wrote under an adorable screenshot from the call.

The 30 year old star, who is the daughter of legendary comic Les Dawson, got candid about her first night with her little one, and admitted that it had been “rough”.

Charlotte joked that she couldn’t get her baby off of “these udders” as she smiled blearily into the camera, before adding that she was “just obsessed” with her new baby.

Charlotte gave birth to her eldest son, Noah, in January 2021, and admitted that she had had a difficult delivery that ended up with the doctor being forced to use forceps.

The 30 year old opted to introduce Noah – and talk about the birth story – to the world for the first time on her late Dad’s birthday, February 2.

The star, who recently quit Instagram for a while after nasty trolls made more false claims to social services, now says her family is “complete”.

Tagging her beau, the star wrote: “our family is now complete, the four musketeers!”

Proud Dad Matt then took to the comments to say: “So blessed and lucky to have you all! Proud dad and partner (fiance!). Can’t wait to have us all home.”

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